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About Inkfu

Welcome to! In case you don't know, InkFu is the mastering of the ancient art of using Ink. Think Kung Fu, but with T-Shirt printing. We are made up of 7 guys that live and breath everything t-shirts. We are obsessed with creating designs and working with Ink and T-Shirts. And we happen to be masters of InkFu. We prefer to be called The Ink Ninjas.

We all have years of experience of printing t-shirts in various print shops and online stores all over the northeast quadrant of the US of A. This all started a couple years ago when we were all working in a print shop together in Upstate NY and we constantly had customers asking us if we could print custom made t-shirts. The problem was, we were not set up to do small orders of custom shirts in a cost effective manner. And we saw that every site online charges over $30 plus shipping costs for just 1 t-shirt. We knew we could do better and all decided to leave our dead end print shop positions and going out on our own. The rest is history!

We can beat everyone in price because we are a small team operating very efficiently and organized. This keeps our overhead as low as possible and saves you money. We can beat everyone in speed because we are aren't a giant company where every customer is just a number. We give each order a tremendous amount of attention and that allows us to expedite every order with finesse and get it out blazingly fast. And we offer a 100% money back guarantee on everything we put out. If you have any questions or just want to chat please contact us! We love hearing from our customers!

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